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Nothing to do with life

I love it here so much, that I think I'll just stay here forever

Homicide, thinking cops
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Once upon a time Homicide: Life on the Street had an active fandom. We'd like to go back to those times.

The cruise directors here are westphallian & likeadeuce.

Any and all commentary, fanfic, icons and other fanart are welcome here. Fic and graphics and other long posts should go under an lj-cut.

We want this community to be open to all fans, new and old, so please use spoiler warnings for discussions of specific episodes.

The Luther Mahoney essay is here. Please direct all the Luther discussion over that way. Thank you kindly.

All posts should be on topic to Homicide. Off topic posts, character bashing, and flaming are not allowed and those posts will be deleted. Please remember that eromitlab is not your person journal and is not an anything goes place. The topic is Homicide. The aim is good and interesting discussion and debate about all things Homicide as well as fic, icons & fan art.

We are glad you're here. Pull up a chair and post about the Best Damn Show (that once was) On Television.

Membership is moderated but most requests to join will be approved right away.