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Nothing to do with life
I love it here so much, that I think I'll just stay here forever
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3rd-Mar-2012 12:10 am - fanfic - h:lots - frank/tim
title: Tim Doesn’t Always Get His Way… But When He Does…
fandom: homicide: life on the streets
author: murderdetective
rating: nc-17
pairing: frank/tim
word count: 470
summary: Early morning sex.
author’s note: This is part of the kinda married!verse. This was beta’d by kay_greatness
disclaimer: I do not own these characters but they are too cute not to use!

(it was too early)
22nd-Aug-2011 12:35 am - H:LotS icons - Tim, Frank/Tim, Frank
Hello :)  I'm a LJ newbie, and wanted to make some H:LotS icons for myself, but I went just a little bit overboard and made a whole bunch. I thought I would share here, in case any of my fellow Homicide fans would like to use them. Feel free to do whatever you wish with them, or edit them to your liking.


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23rd-Sep-2010 02:39 pm - Discussion from 1995
Kyle and Andre
I was at the Paley Center for Media in New York yesterday, and they have an hour-long screened discussion on Homicide from back in March 1995, with Levinson, Fontana, Bromell, Kyle, Andre and Yaphet, among others... quite interesting. I thought the Frankentim shippers among you (I get the sense there are a few on this comm) might enjoy the following: Kyle was talking about how both Pembleton and Bayliss have gradually begun to give into each other, just a little bit, over time, and then he said solemnly/kidding "Next year, they become lovers. And then, a home." (Andre laughed). So, yeah, funny... but I also think it's interesting it shows Kyle was thinking along those lines, three years before they actually outed Bayliss.

Other Pembleton/Bayliss stuff: Andre says that Bayliss helps to open him up and be more sympathetic to the human frailties that he usually tries to repress in himself, while Kyle (kidding) says that Bayliss's entire motivation in the show is to get Pembleton to admit he was wrong, just once, about anything. And he said that Andre was so incredibly supportive as an actor that sometimes it was difficult to get in there and do the really antagonistic Frank/Tim scenes.

Fontana says that the aim over the course of the series is to slowly reverse Pembleton and Bayliss's positions, so that Pembleton becomes the humanist and Bayliss the cynic.

Andre was talking about Pembleton as a manipulator, and how you can manipulate and lie to other people so much that you forget who you are... which I thought was interesting, because I always think of Pembleton as someone with a really strong sense of who he is, whereas Bayliss is more all over the place. I guess this was part of him saying that Bayliss opens Pembleton up to accepting his own humanity more.
9th-Jun-2010 08:06 pm - My Ten Favorite TELEVISION VILLAINS


Here is a LIST of my top ten (10) favorite television villains of all time . . . so far.
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